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SoftLanding Systems introduces SUPERMON for IBM iSeries servers

SoftLanding Systems introduces SUPERMON for IBM iSeries servers 

The new SUPERMON for iSeries software will enable IT managers to extract system performance data from IBM i servers in order to free up storage space. This, in turn, will help businesses to reduce processing costs by automating the delivery of reports.

“SUPERMON for iSeries now gives customers the flexibility to hold their performance data on a separate server, on any SQL-compliant database, providing the potential to make use of low-cost storage solutions,” SoftLanding Operations Manager Jim Fisher said in a press release. “This is a significant benefit as monthly performance data can sometimes run to several terabytes, taking up precious disk space on the IBM i platform.”

Other enhancements included with SUPERMON include the ability to extract CPU and disk resource performance trends to assist with capacity planning, and CPW performance benchmark reporting. SUPERMON will also enable users to create charts that display updated information about server functionality. 

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