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SMBs should use business management software, says Aerobiology boss

SMBs should use business management software, says Aerobiology boss 

Aerobiology Research Laboratories, an Ottawa-based company that monitors pollen and spore levels at 30 sites across Canada, has been providing allergen-related data to pharmaceutical companies, allergists, governments, and hospitals for over 20 years. The data is used by these companies to develop allergy medication and build targeted marketing campaigns for cosmetics, among other things.

Of course, though the services Aerobiology offers are largely data-related, the company has also used data to help grow its business.

Frances Coates, president and CEO, Aerobiology Research Laboratories, spoke with IT in Canada about how Sage’s business management software has been of benefit to the company.

“We’ve been using Sage 50 Accounting – Canadian Edition since the second year we were in business,” said Coates. “Sage has improved Sage 50 so much over the years that you can use it to tell you an awful lot of information about your business, your financials, and your clients.”

The program allows Coates to look at client history and determine, based on activity levels, which ones she should contact to jump-start their business relationship. It also gave her the knowledge she needed to diversify the company’s client base, which was something it sorely needed.

It was no less helpful in helping her sort out the company’s financial information: “Sage 50 shows you your cash flow,” said Coates. “It shows you where your money is coming from, and it shows your income statements and your balance sheets. It helps you make better decisions and stick with a budget based on previous years of financial information. By comparing years, it shows you where you might be able to cut back on expenses, or where you can increase expenses.”

The software, according to Coates, is invaluable to her business operations. Not only does it help her make sound decisions, but it also helps her provide better services to her clients. It tells her what she has done with her clients in the past and, based on that, what she could do with them in the future.

“You cannot do without it,” she stressed. “Without Sage 50, I would not be able to make my business successful. I would strongly recommend to any small business or medium business that’s just starting out to use technology and programs such as Simply to help them run their business.”

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