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SL Corporation releases RTView Enterprise Monitor 1.5

SL Corporation releases RTView Enterprise Monitor 1.5 

The state of health of business-critical applications, software and hardware, database, supporting tools and network can be assessed by REM1.5.

“SL is committed to delivering a robust application monitoring environment for mission-critical applications,” says Tom Lubinski, founder and CEO of SL Corporation, in a press release. “We work very closely with our customers to ensure that we can meet their requirements with new features and solutions packages for their most important infrastructure components.”

The platform includes agents, connectors and solution packages to support infrastructure and applications.

The TIBCO ActiveMatrix Solution Package complements the existing TIBCO BusinessWorks and TIBCO EMS solution packages and supports TIBCO infrastructure for optimal applications and services availability.

A UX Monitor Solution Package enables performance monitoring of user interfaces between front and back end systems.

With RTView Host Agent, the user can manipulate resources on CPU, memory, network and storage.

REM1.5 connects Oracle enterprise manager (OEM) via Oracle Enterprise Manager Connector to obtain performance data from database and servers.

Users can create a customized view of metrics required by managers with Metric Explorer. In addition, they can meet their data requirements with this web-based tool which provides them a shorter turnaround time.

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