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Simba unveils big data connectivity solution for Macs

Simba unveils big data connectivity solution for Macs 

Simba believes the lack of Mac connectivity is a big problem for businesses, as there are now over 72 million Macs installed in businesses globally. The product is therefore intended to bring better connectivity to businesses worldwide that use Macs in their operations.

“Enterprises can now connect Excel, Tableau, and any BI, analytics, or reporting tool on Mac products to data in Cassandra, Google Big Query, Hadoop, HBase, Hive, Impala, MongoDB, and This is a world first,” said Amyn Rajan, CEO, Simba Technologies. “Simba was the first to offer a comprehensive suite of ODBC drivers on Windows and Linux for Big Data. Our team continues to be laser focused on bringing the most innovative enterprise data connectivity solutions to the market.”

Scientists that use Simba’s Mac ODBC to access all their data can now focus more of their efforts on analyzing their data and creating actionable insights from the information they create.

According to Simba, it is the only IT provider that offers ODBC connectivity for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX, and its solution, thereby, is the only one available to businesses looking for complete connectivity for their enterprise big data.

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