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Simba Technologies and arcplan enter partnership

Simba Technologies and arcplan enter partnership 

“Simba’s drivers empower arcplan users with the most up-to-date data on which to base their decisions,” said Roland Hölscher, CEO, arcplan. “Especially now as our customers demand connections to more big data and cloud data sources, this partnership will become that much more valuable.”

The partnership will optimize the strengths of both companies, with Simba Technologies acting as the link between front-end business intelligence applications, such as arcplan’s reports and dashboards, and back-end data servers.

It will allow arcplan’s applications to connect to data sources for which they have no pre-existing connectors, like Simba’s MDX Provider for Oracle, its Teradata OLAP Connector and its Apache Hive ODBC Driver.

Additionally, arcplan users will be able to take advantage of Simba’s innovations to access their data warehouses in real time. Data is retrieved directly from the source, eliminating the need for additional infrastructure, so businesses can perform rapid analysis of large data sets.

“The need to analyze and understand data without extracting it from the source grows every day,” said Amyn Rajan, president and CEO, Simba Technologies. “We are happy to help arcplan fulfill its mission to connect its users with real-time information that simplifies and accelerates decision-making.”

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