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SilverSky, SoftLayer team up for cloud email security

SilverSky, SoftLayer team up for cloud email security 

SilverSky will run its security services on SoftLayer’s cloud platform and distribute them through IBM’s sales channel, enabling businesses to move email workloads and information into the cloud securely and efficiently.

SoftLayer’s platform provides disaster recovery services, including automated redundancy and immediate recovery times, as well as SLAs of almost 100 per cent.

SilverSky will also be able to leverage SoftLayer’s worldwide data centres and IBM’s sales and distribution channels to achieve exposure in new markets.

“As the lifeblood of business, email represents one of the most critical applications in the cloud today. Choosing SoftLayer enables us to speed adoption and growth of our security and messaging solutions by offering them a simple to use, cloud-based model,” said Tim Harvey, CEO, SilverSky. “High availability and uptime is paramount to successful cloud email deployments — and SoftLayer enables us to provide extensive geo-redundancy, instantaneous disaster recovery capabilities, more aggressive service level agreements and a number of Exchange enhancements to our customers.”

According to a study commissioned by SilverSky, 67 per cent of security decision-makers want to move email to the cloud to reduce expenditures, while 66 per cent wish to do it to simplify operations and 56 per cent to improve reliability of business functions. Yet concerns surrounding security and privacy keep many businesses from adopting cloud email solutions.

It is hoped that the partnership between SilverSky and SoftLayer will allay some of those concerns and encourage the adoption of this technology.

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