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Shortage of IT professionals in Canada

Shortage of IT professionals in Canada 

The study which was conducted by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority and the Strategic Counsel, surveyed 1,200 Canadian Internet users and 300 decision makers within Canadian IT organizations. What is worrying is the finding from the latter group which indicates that IT executives are concerned about the shortage of IT skills locally.

According to this report, 46 per cent of IT leaders have had difficulty in filling an IT position during the past year, while 40 per cent had trouble recruiting IT professionals with the right skills. With this shortage in the number of IT professionals more than half of IT leaders are concerned that Canadian technology companies would have a tough time competing globally.

One of the ways to correct this problem and to make Canada more competitive internationally is to ensure that from a young age children are taught IT skills and this was the general consensus from almost all respondents.

Other findings revealed that 75 per cent of IT executives see the need for “made in Canada” solutions for our major technology challenges and issues. Also, 75 per cent of all respondents indicate that the Canadian government should make broadband internet access a priority.

On the question of what skills are most important in recruiting an IT employee; security, networking and server/data centre management are the top three skills highlighted.

To learn more about the findings from this report, please go here.


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