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Shine in the workplace by polishing your cloud collaboration etiquette

Shine in the workplace by polishing your cloud collaboration etiquette 

That’s why once in a while we run across new items such as this one from CBS New York which reports about Beaumont Etiquette, a company that specializes in helping millennials polish their manners and social skills.

Team collaboration and communication tools are meant to make our lives easier by providing different options to interact with our co-workers, customers, and partners “regardless if they are in the next cube or on the other side of the globe,” says Daryl Reva, vice-president of cloud services for VoIP and collaboration tool company Mitel Corp. “…However, the integration into the enterprise has not been seamless — and I don’t mean from a technology standpoint.”

Daryl Reva Mitel

While many organizations have email etiquette down pat, Reva says, the “rules of collaboration remain murky.”

In a recent conversation with IT in Canada Online, Reva discussed how collaboration tool users can make the most technology while putting their best foot forward and treating those in the other end of the line with respect and courtesy.

Have a listen to what he had to say…

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