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Sharing the wealth

Sharing the wealth 

The Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2015-326, as implemented on Wednesday, requires all large telecom and cable carriers to grant competitors access to all-fibre network connections. While previous rulings primarily affected cable companies, phone companies are expected to bear the brunt this time. 

It’s the latest in a series of efforts to review wholesale telecommunications services. Beginning now, small rivals will have access to older infrastructures.

Chatham, Ontario’s TekSavvy is just one of the companies prepared to reap the rewards. With large competitors like Telus leasing their fixed-line networks, TekSavvy will be able to sell services to retail customers.

The proceeding began in late 2013. Before its approval, the council had to smooth out some critical issues. One of these was whether independents should be able to compete over the next generation of all-fibre networks.

The decision, to TekSavvy’s delight, is positive.

“The CRTC heard what we were saying, raised the bar, and has challenged us to take our consumer game to the next level,” said TekSavvy CEO Marc Gaudrault. “We’re up for it, and will be closely monitoring how this new scheme is implemented.”

The policy couldn’t have come at a better time. With an increasing number of Canadians turning to broadband, all-fibre networks are becoming a staple in new buildings and neighbourhoods. 

TekSavvy is excited to use this competition as an opportunity to step up the game and serve their customers better than ever.

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