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Self-optimization with a brain

Self-optimization with a brain 

 “Reverb’s Cloud SON proposal isn’t a trivial detail, like hosting your SON software on a cloud hosting service,” Zoran Kehler, CEO of Reverb Networks said in a press release.

“It’s a fundamentally new network architecture for self-optimizing networks that is in tune with the trend towards Cloud RANs and NFV. We think this is groundbreaking, and have filed patent applications outlining a new, next generation architecture that simplifies how SON is implemented within the Cloud RAN.”

The company says that Predictive SON’s new approach will move the technology even closer to self-optimization’s “brain.”

The Brain is a network operating system (NOS) that can predict cause and effect, strategize for best outcomes and coordinate network response in a holistic manner. The network operating systemcan then coordinate response by means of prediction and strategizing the causes and outcomes.

“Many of today’s operational system are analogous to the muscles and bones of the body, the basic electro-mechanical fibers,” added Kehler. “SON is the brain that delivers intelligence and coordinates effective use of those resources to achieve strategic results, and Cloud SON brings us one step closer to a unified set of intelligent capabilities.”

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