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SecureKey launches Engage Partner Program

SecureKey launches Engage Partner Program 

“Consumers struggle with dozens or even hundreds of increasingly complex sign-in IDs, and often use them interchangeably among many online services, which increases their risk and exposure to damaging online attacks,” said Andre Boysen, executive VP, marketing, SecureKey.

“By supporting our channel partners in building upon SecureKey’s identity and authentication services, we hope to speed the proliferation of solutions that will better protect people’s online IDs, and make it easier to access to high-value web services.”

The Engage Partner Program provides partners with its cloud-based Connect service, which uses open API and allows them to built multi-factor authentication solutions for their customers. Partners with customers interested in shared credential networks can utilize Exchange to connect as an identity provider or relying party.

Partners can also use the SecureKey Partner Portal to access the Engage Partner Program’s benefits, which include sales training, tools, marketing materials, competitive information, live demos for customer presentations, email support, and comprehensive technical documentation.

Channel partners may seek additional training for implementation services by completing an on-site product and technical certification course, which attains them SecureKey Certified Engage Partner status. Certified partners will receive additional benefits, such as joint marketing, priority technical support, and lead referral preference.

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