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Secure Access Technologies integrates with MobileIron AppConnect

Secure Access Technologies integrates with MobileIron AppConnect 

“MobileIron’s AppConnect program is focused on giving our customers best of breed apps that make employees more productive,” said Ojas Rege, VP Strategy, MobileIron. “The combination of SAT with AppConnect provides breakthrough password-less experience without compromising security.”

MobileIron provides security and management for mobile apps, documents and devices. The company supplies its AppConnect technology to third party mobile app developers. With the integration, companies have access to corporate apps that use SAT technology, including single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and proximity security.

In addition, users can access corporate applications on their iPads with a one-click login, and have their data protected in real-time. For IT administrators, they have the policy controls needed to secure and manage corporate data.

“SAT and AppConnect transform any iPad into a more-secure-than-a-workstation device,” said Ben Ayed, CEO of SAT. “IT personnel can rest assured that the data is secured 24/7 in real-time, even when there is no connectivity.”

SAT’s Secure Mobile Desktop with MobileIron AppConnect provides a secure work environment on iPads. Employees can access any corporate application without entering passwords or compromising security. They’re required to authenticate only once, and as long as their phone running the SAT Token application stays near their iPad, they have one-click access to any authorized application. When their phone separates from their iPad or leaves a trusted location, Secure Mobile Desktop automatically locks the device. If it’s left in an unattended public location, the security solution alarms, calls and auto-wipes data according to company policies. Secure Access Technologies also runs on Android, Windows, Mac and Web.

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