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Schneider Electric makes Data centres “cool”

Schneider Electric makes Data centres “cool” 

To address the cooling capacity and efficient needs of data centres, the company has announced the expansion of its Uniflair LE cooling unit portfolio to include the Uniflair LE HDCV 4500 and HDCV 5000 models.

“As industry standards drive increasingly strict efficiency requirements, data centre managers – particularly ones operating large facilities – are under a growing amount of pressure to keep cooling and energy costs down while also optimizing operations and reducing potential downtime,” Anne-Marie Gignac, VP of cooling and IT business for Schneider Electric, said in a press release. “Schneider Electric’s new Uniflair LE HDCV 4500/5000 solutions provide an innovative way for data center managers to achieve increased heat rejection and availability while also reducing costs.”

The Uniflair LE HDCV 4500 is intended for cloud and collocation facilities and occupies the same dimensions as the 4300 model. Both models make use of an under-floor fan module to provide 20 per cent more cooling and uses less power, and are available with a 575V input power option for Canadian users.

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