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Schneider Electric helping Port of Montreal cut 2,800 tons of greenhouse gasses

Schneider Electric helping Port of Montreal cut 2,800 tons of greenhouse gasses 

Ships docked in a harbour may not be going anywhere; however, they are very likely emitting huge amounts of greenhouse gasses and polluting the air and water around them.

A new program involving the Port of Montreal and Schneider Electric Canada aims to cut down greenhouse gas emissions by connecting ships at the new Alexandra Pier to the power grid to provide the necessary power to the docked vessels.

Two weeks ago, the Holland America Lines cruise ship MS Veendam shut down her diesel engines after docking at the new Alexandra Cruise Terminal in Old Montreal.

As part of the Port of Montreal Shore Power program, the ship was connected to the electrical power grid to provide the necessary power to the ship while in port. In doing this, all air pollution caused by the ship’s diesel engines was effectively eliminated, according to Juan Macias, president of Schneider Electric Canada.

Operated by the Montreal Port Authority (MPA), the Port of Montreal is the second largest port in Canada. It is a diversified transshipment centre that handles all types of goods: containerized and non-containerized cargo, liquid bulk and dry bulk. It is a leading container port served by the largest container shipping lines in the world.

The MPA estimates that the shore power project will eliminate upwards of 2,800 tons of greenhouse gases each year.

This is comparable to reducing the distance driven by passenger vehicles by over 10,000,000 kilometres or replacing upwards of 100,000 incandescent light bulbs with LEDs, according to the Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

“The Montreal Port Authority has demonstrated environmental leadership through the implementation of shore power at the new Alexandra Cruise Terminal in Old Montreal,” said Macias. “With the support of the Federal Government and the Quebec Government, the Montreal Port Authority can be proud of this innovative and sustainable solution that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves the quality of life for port communities and the world at large.”

The total cost of the project is $11 million. Funding came from the federal government, the provincial government as well as the Montreal Port Authority.

“Working in concert with our various partners and improving air and water quality are among the MPA’s main guidelines for sustainable development,” said Sylvie Vachon, president, and CEO of the MPA. “Now completed, this shore power project will result in a significant reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, offsetting virtually all the GHG emissions for which the MPA is responsible.”

Author: Nestor Arellano

Nestor Arellano is the Associate Editor for IT in Canada. He is a seasoned media veteran who specializes in technology and business news. Before joining IT in Canada Nestor worked as a journalist for IT World Canada, Mortgage Broker News and Thomson Reuters. His work has also appeared in other major news and tech publications in Canada and the United States both in print and online. Nestor also regularly blogs and tweets on the latest technology trends and gadgets.

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