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SAP releases rapid-deployment solutions to improve user experience

SAP releases rapid-deployment solutions to improve user experience 

These new rapid-deployment solutions help users utilize and deploy SAP’s UX offerings. Each of them include a best practices guide and follow a universal approach for on-premise or hybrid cloud deployment. SAP also provides implementation content and risk-reducing methodologies. SAP hopes that these UX-driven rapid-deployment solutions will help customers deploy new solutions or migrate existing SAP products.

The SAP Fiori apps rapid-deployment solution includes the implementation of SAP Gateway technology as well as one or more SAP Fiori applications for full production purposes. SAP’s Fiori Infrastructure rapid-deployment solution allows users to quickly deploy, configure and validate the landscape components to experience the full range of apps by applying SAP Fiori UX, which is made possible by SAP’s Business Suite, powered by SAP HANA. SAP believes customers will gain value from the SAPUI5 Design rapid-deployment solution, which includes a design thinking workshop, best practices for SAP Fiori UX and a proof-of-concept service to assist businesses in creating their own applications. The SAP Screen Personas rapid-deployment solution lets users improve, simplify and personalize important desktop-based SAP user experiences.

SAP’s openSAP platform will host courses that showcase SAP’s latest UX innovations, which will include lessons on how to deploy them while leveraging SAP Rapid Deployment solutions methodolodgy.

“The workforce nowadays expects their enterprise apps to look and function like the best consumer apps,” said Dr. Bernd Welz, executive vice president, solution and knowledge packaging, SAP, in a press release. “These new UX driven rapid-deployment solutions enable businesses of all sizes to accelerate the adoption of this SAP innovation by delivering flexible, yet predictable, cost-effective outcomes. Through these rapid-deployment solutions, every SAP user can have a personalized, responsive and simple user experience.”

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