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SAP Concurs with new acquisition

SAP Concurs with new acquisition 

 SAP has announced that it has completed its acquisition of Concur Technologies, Inc., a provider of travel and expense management products. The deal will enable SAP to provide enterprise customers with a more efficient means of managing this data.

“Social networks have made it easier than ever for us to shop, share and consume. Companies want this same simplicity,” SAP CEO Bill McDermott said in a press release.

“With the acquisition of Concur, we are expanding this network and delivering on our promise to help companies run simple. Business travel and expense management are notorious business challenges for companies worldwide. I’m thrilled for our customers that the leading solutions for travel and expense management are now part of the SAP Cloud portfolio.”

The union will also provide enterprises with a simplified method for conducting and managing transactions across an entire value chain by providing access to the appropriate apps, networks and platforms.

Under the terms of the agreement, SAP will operate Concur as a business unit. Additionally, there will be no changes made to Concur’s current management structure.

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