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SANBlaze introduces “Class of Storage” emulation solution

SANBlaze introduces “Class of Storage” emulation solution 

The company’s latest product allows data centre engineers and architects to model applications virtually against different classes of storage.

To mimic the performance characteristics of a real array, emulated arrays are built with SSDs, HDDs and WAN delays. For example, the target storage environment can be changed by loading different array profiles with a single command or mouse click. An application provides important information such as modeling insight, informed storage purchasing and deployment decisions by running with the first storage case and then rerunning against the next.

Without the complexity and cost of real devices, the SANBlaze emulator allows “what if” type architecture decisions, which is unlike traditional model application loads which run on existing infrastructure.

Moreover, because the emulator runs in RAM, the near zero latency removes storage latency when attempting to determine application bottlenecks and helps flush out potential issues.

“Our base emulation product has hundreds of storage parameters that can be programmed to provide thousands of different storage environments,” said Steve Munroe, President of SANBlaze, in a press release. “Delivering an application that extracts this technology into common, storage array building blocks is a natural product extension for SANBlaze. It provides enterprise datacenter engineers and storage system architects all the benefits of using emulation for pre-deployment, application modeling and performance test cases.”

SANBlaze VirtuaLUN target emulation systems are available both as software and in physical appliance configurations. The software can run standalone or as a virtual appliance.

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