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Samsung tries to stay ahead of the curve

Samsung tries to stay ahead of the curve 

But if the hype is true about the ability of curved monitors to reduce strain on people’s eyes, then this trend might just have some staying power.

Much like the ergonomic office chair before it, people may think that purchasing curved monitors for an office is too expensive and flashy to be a good investment. But if companies continue to expect their employees to work long days starring at their computer screens, you might start seeing these monitors more often.

Not one to miss the boat, Samsung has just announced three new curved monitors: the 31.5 inch SE590C Curved Monitor ($599.99), the 27 inch SE591C Curved Monitor ($399.99) and the 23.6 or 27 inch SE510C Curved Monitor ($299.99). All three will be available starting in May.

Each of the monitors boasts 1920 x 1080 resolution, which admittedly would be resolution overkill in an accounting office. But in a graphic design office, for example, these monitors would be right at home.

Curved monitors claim that they decrease eye fatigue because the edges of them are physically closer to the user’s eyes and match the eye’s natural curve. This means users don’t need to shift focus to see the ends of the screen. So, in addition to being fun toys to play games or watch movies on, they are also designed to make detailed office work or photo editing easier.

“We’ve seen a lot of excitement around curved displays,” said Dave Das, senior vice president of Samsung Electronics America. “We’re excited to be expanding our curved monitor line to give consumers more options.”

With curvature ranging from 3000R (SE590C) to 4000R (SE591C and SE510C), all of Samsung’s new curved monitors aim to offer an immersive experience that keep your peripherals working.

The screens also have something called Eye Saver Mode, decreases the monitors’ harmful blue light that can cause eye fatigue, while something called Flicker Free technology simultaneously reduces screen flickering.

The final benefit that these monitors could offer a workplace has to do with their energy consumption.

The SE510C, SE591C and SE590C all include more eco-saving technology than previous Samsung models of this calibre. The screens will reduce their screen brightness for increased energy efficiency and a new automatic setting reduces energy consumption by up to 10 per cent based on the luminescence of the screen’s black sections.

Who knows, maybe this curved trend is actually on point for businesses.

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