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Samsung’s Gear S2: A new spin on the smartwatch

Samsung’s Gear S2: A new spin on the smartwatch 

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In lieu of the requisite touchscreen, Samsung allows users to move through apps by simply rotating a navigational ring that envelopes the outer edges of the Gear S2’s face. Turn the ring clockwise to access your apps, turn the ring counter clockwise to view your notifications.


Gear S2 1

This is a totally new spin on smartwatch interface.


The Gear S2 has a sleek sporty design. Futuristic but not to jarring as took like you have a computer strapped to your wrist.

 Gear S2 2

Pro: Sleek design and a smart rotating navigation ring that makes it easy to access apps and view your notifications. Intuitive interface. It works with Android phones.

Con: App choices are limited to what the Tizen Store has to offer. Not compatible with iPhones. Doesn’t have a speakerphone.

Bottom Line: The Gear S2 is a good looking watch with very useful features. Design and build is excellent. While app choices may be limited the ones available are very functional.



Dimensions 42.3×49.8×11.4 mm

Weight: 47 g

Exynos 3250 chip

Tizen open-source operating system

Bluetooth capability

BT 4.1 WiFi, NFC

250  h battery full charge lasts 2 day

1.2 Circular sAMOLED 360X360 (320 ppi) display



Available Memory 1.9GB

Acc, Gyro, HRM, Barometer

 Gear S2 3

I have to commend Samsung hear for its courage in going up against the big players the Apple Watch and Android Wear.

Design-wise, I think Samsung nailed it.

But the Gear S2 has a couple of things going against it.

The Tizen platform to which the watch is locked to, offers a considerably smaller number of apps to choose from compared to Apple and Android platforms.

The Gear S2 doesn’t have a speakerphone. This means you can’t make smartwatch phone calls.

Perhaps this is the whole idea behind the Gear S2. Samsung is offering users dialed down connectivity, providing people with the essentials and not overwhelming them with choices.

Simply put, the Gear S2 is a smartwatch for people who have more important things to do with their time than spend it with their watch.


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