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Samsung launches partner program for KNOX

Samsung launches partner program for KNOX 

Last February, Samsung announced KNOX, a product that offers complete protection for Android devices in the enterprise. The solution provides a container setup, where files in the enterprise side of the device cannot be copied and pasted into the personal side.

“We have strengthened the Android operating system and have introduced some security features that make it that much more difficult to hack the device, or have a malicious code run on the device,” said Ram Motipally, director, Business Development, Samsung KNOX.

The security features include Trusted Boot, which allows only authorized software to run on the device; TrustZone-based Integrity Management Architecture, which provides monitoring of the Linux kernel; and Security Enhancements for the Android platform that separate applications and data in order to limit the damage that could be caused by malicious applications.

But according to Motipally the company’s biggest news is the launch of its partner program.

“Our enterprise opportunity for Android is growing significantly because people are very pro-Android in the consumer space, so we know it’s going to bleed over,” said Motipally. “And we see from analyst reports that by 2016, nearly 40 per cent of enterprises will be Android, so securing this is a huge opportunity for our partners and, of course, us.”

At launch, all partners who register will be signed up at the platinum level, where their performance will be monitored for the first six months. During that time, they will be able to take advantage of all platinum level benefits. Afterwards, they will be placed in the appropriate silver, gold and platinum levels based on their performance data.

When partners register, they will go through face-to-face, computer-based and online training. Once that is complete, partners can then register and train their own personnel.

“We have local KNOX SEs for presale support, and the local sales team, which will set up presentations on behalf of the customers that are registered by the partners, with that partner involved,” said Motipally. “Our local sales teams will work with the partners to address customers and win in the marketplace.”

KNOX is currently available in Canada and will support all devices going forward.

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