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Salesforce sees promising AI future with Einstein Vision release

Salesforce sees promising AI future with Einstein Vision release 

Salesforce’s latest AI push comes at the heels of its new partnership with IBM which will bring together Salesforce Einstein features and Big Blue’s Watson machine learning tech to develop new capabilities in Salesforce’s CRM platform and services.

“With Einstein, we are democratizing AI, enabling everyone to achieve new levels of productivity and accelerate growth, directly within the products they use every day,” said Alex Dayon, president and chief product officer at Salesforce shortly before today’s kickoff of a Salesforce event in San Francisco.

Salesforce is touting Einstein Vision as a tool that will help users automatically analyze large data sets from a variety of sources to facilitate more rapid data-based decision making.

The Einstein Vision suite of tools uses image recognition to help businesses extract insights about their customers which will help in developing more efficient processes.

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For example, it allows companies to unlock powerful insights within photos—from detecting inventory levels and product quality to identifying consumer trends and customer preferences.

Einstein Vision is also easy to use because any developer can leverage pre-trained image classifiers, or train their own custom classifiers, to handle a vast array of specialized image-recognition use cases, according to Salesforce.

Here are some of the Einstein Vision tools and what they do:

Visual Search –  consumers to use visual filters to find products that best match their preferences and take photos of products to discover where they can be purchased—in-store or online.

Brand Detection – analyzes user-generated images in communities, message boards, and social media, giving marketers a better understanding of their customers to help improve the quality of service, extend marketing reach and maximize campaign ROI.

Product Identification – analyzes images to give sales and service reps the ability to remotely evaluate product issues, manage inventory and analyze product mix and selling potential.

Early Einstein customers include Air France-KLM, US Bank, and Seagate Technologies.

“At U.S. Bank, a cornerstone of our customer commitment is to cultivate meaningful relationships with the customers we serve,” said Kate Quinn, executive vice-president, chief strategy and reputation officer for U.S. Bank. “Predictive insights from Salesforce Einstein can ensure that U.S. Bank’s relationship managers and loan officers are able to engage with each customer’s unique situation quickly.”

“With Sales Cloud Einstein, our front line employees can be more proactive and know the best next action for each specific customer,” she said.

U.S. Bank and other Salesforce customers use Einstein features such as:

Sales Cloud Einstein: Einstein Opportunity Insights helps sales reps can increase their productivity and close more deals with intelligence based on customer sentiment, competitor involvement, and overall prospect engagement. These predictive insights serve up recommended next best actions so reps can better prioritize their day and engage with the right customer, at the right time. Einstein Account Insights help reps stay ahead of their business with insights gleaned from the latest news, including M&A activity and company financial results. And with Einstein Activity Capture, reps can connect their email and calendar to Salesforce to free themselves from hours of manual data entry so they can focus on building better relationships with their customers.

Service Cloud Einstein: Einstein Supervisor Insights combines real-time operational insights with smart data discovery to empower contact center supervisors with omni-channel intelligence and AI-powered analytics to increase agent productivity and customer satisfaction. In addition, Einstein Supervisor can predict customer satisfaction and make specific recommendations to improve the customer experience.

Marketing Cloud Einstein: Einstein Journey Insights applies algorithms to analyze hundreds of millions of data points to help marketers understand what events and sequences lead to buying decisions so they can optimize campaigns and journeys. With Einstein Segmentation, marketers can uncover clusters of related consumers and target entirely new segments with more personalized and effective campaigns.

Commerce Cloud Einstein: Einstein Commerce Insights analyzes order history, product data, and customer data to power smarter merchandising. Now retailers can better understand purchasing patterns in order to market more effective product bundles, improve in-store merchandising and optimize a website and campaign design.

Analytics Cloud Einstein: A new capability in the Salesforce Platform, Einstein Data Discovery automates the entire analytics workflow by analyzing millions of data combinations in minutes to surface and answer key business questions without needing advanced data science. Business users are then provided with interactive and actionable insights and recommendations right inside Salesforce. With one click, these insights can be turned into a slide presentation complete with charts and graphs that outline key findings and talking points that explain them, enabling any business user to communicate findings quickly.

Community Cloud Einstein: With Einstein Recommendations and Einstein Trending Posts, companies are able to serve up the most relevant and popular content and people—including files, groups, and subject-matter experts—to deliver personalized experiences to community members. 

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