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Salesforce aims to help startups, ISVs build AI apps

Salesforce aims to help startups, ISVs build AI apps 

The company’s new AppExchange Partner Program, coupled with AI tools from Salesforce Einstein and the Salesforce Trailhead guided learning platform will replace Salesforce’s current ISV partner program.

Additionally, Salesforce also announced a new Salesforce Platform Fund with $100 million in new funding to boost the development of new AI-driven solutions.

Salesforce Platform Fund invests in entrepreneurs and companies who are building intelligent, transformative apps and components on the Salesforce Platform.

“The convergence of AI, IoT, and massive datasets has created incredible new opportunities for developers to move beyond the app—and build components, intelligent bots, data streams and more,” said Leyla Seka, executive vice president of AppExchange, Salesforce. “The new AppExchange Partner Program empowers the next generation of Salesforce ISVs with a single destination for everything they need to succeed—the training to create solutions on cutting-edge Salesforce technology and the programs to turn them into businesses with global reach.”

The Salesforce AppExchange is home to more than 3,000 solutions for sales, service, marketing and more that have been installed more than four million times. Nearly 90 per cent of the Fortune 100 has already installed apps from the AppExchange.

Salesforce Trailhead, an online, interactive learning platform, teaches entry-level developers how to build apps, components and more on Salesforce.

Salesforce Einstein is a platform that enables even non-data scientists to build AI-powered applications for sales, service, marketing, and other applications.

Key new features of the AppExchange Partner Program include:

New business model: A new pricing structure that provides enablement and support based on the partner’s AppExchange Trailblazer Score—a new, point-based system that supports partners for their growth and activities including:

  • Customer success, based on AppExchange reviews and ratings;
  • Product success, based on security review status and adoption of latest Salesforce technology;
  • Team readiness, calculated via Trailhead trails completed and certifications gained;
  • Giving back through participation in the Pledge 1per cent program.

 Salesforce said it is lowering the baseline per cent-net-revenue (PNR) model for all new AppExchange Partner Program partners from 25 per cent to 15 per cent. Existing partners are eligible for the new PNR terms upon renewal of their current contracts.

New onboarding experience: AppExchange Partner Program will include several new onboarding tools to streamline a partner’s journey from idea to app, including:

  • Onboarding wizard enables partners to get up-and-running quickly on the AppExchange with automated guides and checklists, reducing the amount of manual data entry to a few, simple, click-through screens.
  • Payment tools include support for Single Euro Payments and Automatic Clearing House (ACH), in addition to credit cards. Salesforce will also open up API support for its Channel Order App, so partners can connect their payment systems directly to Salesforce and automate their order submission process.

The AppExchange Partner Program dashboard provides real-time access to partners’ AppExchange Trailblazer Score and onboarding checklist progress.

 New technology tools: The entire Salesforce Platform receives updates three times a year. Salesforce DX enables developers to deliver innovative apps faster with scratch environments, an improved integrated development environment, seamless GitHub integration and more.

Developers, ISVs, and startups also get free access to Heroku to build apps in the language of their choice. 

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