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Sage launches payment management product

Sage launches payment management product 

The Sage Exchange Payment Management System is built on three core components, according to the company. These include streamlined access to all payment accounts and devices, payments administration and reporting, and integration tools to connect payment solutions with Sage’s accounting products.

The product enables business owners to consolidate all of their payment activity onto a single platform and monitor activities on all of their sales environments, be it on the web, in store or over the phone.

The platform can be accessed online with a username and password from any location, and can be used to manage credit card transactions, along with payments made by gift card, cheque and mobile device.

“Sage Exchange allows us to combine our 20 merchant IDs (MIDs) into one place, [and] I can easily go from the dashboard to the virtual terminal and do all the batch reporting in one place,” said Crystal Lowrance, accounting manager, Scottco, a Texas-based Sage customer.

Customers can also connect their Sage account or ERP software to their payment devices for “automated reconciliation of payment activity, plus access to the Sage support group or self-service portal.”

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