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Sage launches accounting software to support SMBs

Sage launches accounting software to support SMBs 

With so many tasks to juggle, it’s little wonder that entrepreneurs face challenges in time and money management.

“Entrepreneurs may want to present themselves professionally but don’t know how to go about it,” said Mike Savory, manager, product management, Sage. “There’s no lack of entrepreneurship, there’s no lack of ideas – there’s just a shortage of tools.”

Sage has come up with a product that will help SMBs more efficiently manage their accounting processes. Sage One is a comprehensive solution that provides SMBs support with a number of tasks, including invoicing, recording expenses, providing customers with quotes, and creating reports.

The product’s capabilities can all be accessed from an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

With invoicing, the user need only enter the customer’s information into the necessary fields, at which point the invoice can be sent to the customer in PDF format via email. The email also contains a link that allows the customer to view the invoice online.

Customers can pay the bill directly through the link in the email, and SMB owners can keep track of payments with a feature that colour-codes paid, outstanding, and overdue bills.

With the quotes capability, meanwhile, the user can sent the customer a quote via email. Should the customer accept the quote, the user can then quickly turn it into an invoice, which “removes the redundancy of data entry,” said Savory.  

In addition to invoicing, Sage One provides SMBs with the capability to create reports of their own expenses, such as profit and loss reports.

One of its most important aspects, according to Savory, is that it can be accessed from almost anywhere.

“We’ve got employees working from home, parents working from soccer practice, and people working from the road,” said Savory. “The ability to log in from anywhere is really important. That’s why we’re working on mobility.”

SMBs will pay a monthly fee of $24 for the complete product, including its chat and support features, but those who wish to use only the invoicing features will pay $9 per month.

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