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Ruckus launches SWIPE app for Wi-Fi provisioning

Ruckus launches SWIPE app for Wi-Fi provisioning 

The service provider’s Smart Wireless Installation and Provisioning Engine (SWIPE) app enables IT managers and field technicians to efficiently install and optimize Ruckus ZoneFlex access points on smartphones or tablets.

“Remote WLAN deployments historically have involved entering AP serial numbers into backend IT systems to facilitate DHCP Option 43, the protocol that helps APs associate with the wireless controller,” Greg Beach, VP of product management for Ruckus Wireless said in a press release. “And, in our case, the AP needs to have the backhaul connectivity in place before the AP can register with the SCG. Now, with SWIPE, smartphones, for example, can serve as a bridge between the AP and a Ruckus SCG to facilitate the AP turn up, even when the backhaul isn’t in place, and without having to use DHCP Option 43-like processes. It’s a great time saver that eliminates time-consuming and inefficient second truck rolls to validate installations.”

SWIPE allows technicians to sort APs by location and view them on an interactive map, thus decreasing the need to drive to various sites to search for APs. The app also allows Speedtests to be performed for each location in order to find the best possible coverage.

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