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Royal Canadian Mint and SecureKey team up for secure mobile transactions

Royal Canadian Mint and SecureKey team up for secure mobile transactions 

Today, it announced that it is moving forward with this innovation by selecting SecureKey, a provider of trusted identity networks, to support MintChip with its Connect Platform.

“SecureKey offered us a robust multi-platform solution that delivers a very high level of device security while providing MintChip consumers with a convenient, familiar payment experience,” said Marc Brule, chief emerging payments officer, Royal Canadian Mint, in a release. “SecureKey’s experience in providing strong, unobtrusive local device authentication was another key factor in our decision.”

The Connect Platform will provide “device-based multi-factor user authentication” for MintChip. By building Connect Mobile SDK into the MintChip mobile app, SecureKey will enable users to make secure transactions using their smartphones and tablets.

To complete a transaction with MintChip, the user will need only a four-digit QuickCode PIN, which is used for authentication purposes and can be extended across all of the user’s preferred devices.

“Instead of confronting the complexity of keys, certificates and other inconveniences, MintChip consumers will simply enter their QuickCode PIN on their mobile device to authenticate to their MintChip cloud account,” said Charles Walton, CEO, SecureKey.

The Connect service is flexible, and can be adapted to a number of devices, including laptops, desktop PCs, mobile phones, tablets, and even wearables. This means users will have a greater range of choice when they pay for their purchases, whether in-store or online.

“We are excited to be supporting the Royal Canadian Mint on this innovative digital currency initiative. It offers an excellent example of how our Connect service can make the benefits of strong multi-factor authentication available in an extremely friendly way for consumer-facing mobile apps,” said Walton.

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