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Rolotune launches secure chat service

Rolotune launches secure chat service 

The openness of the standard means that its specifications are open to the public and are observable, developed and monitored for potential security flaws.

Integrated with the social networking platform, the service offers flexibility in communications among its users, including interactions between recruiters and candidates, while not compromising privacy and/or security principles of the platform.

With the chat service based on the XMPP open standard, Rolotune extends its social networking platform for professionals. Because it is an open standard, XMPP enables interoperability across various chat networks.

“XMPP is currently the leading open-messaging standard, and at Rolotune we believe it is important to support open communication standards and technologies helping to ensure trust in online services and increase their security and interoperability,” a top Rolotune executive said in a press release. “One of Google’s recent concerns leading to its diminishing support for XMPP was the lack of wider support by other companies in building an open-messaging system. With our approach to designing online social networking services we intend to contribute to the broader adoption of the open-messaging standards by public service providers. The Rolotune chat service is also secured with SSL encryption of the traffic – mandated now as a best practice for XMPP service providers.”

Rolotune service’s flexibility is defined by the users’ ability to use XMPP compliant chat applications, with free open source chat applications and chat applications for operating systems, desktop and mobile devices.

The company says XMPP-based chat service provides users with considerable control over their data, and it plans to further develop its chat service and add more communication capabilities to its platform.

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