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Rogers unveils Cloud solutions for Canadian businesses

Rogers unveils Cloud solutions for Canadian businesses 

Nitin Kawale, president of Rogers’s Enterprise Business Unit, says the solution comes from the desire to reduce pressure on IT teams. The Rogers Public Cloud, he says, lessens the strain on resources.

“Unlike other cloud computing options in the market, Rogers Public Cloud offers customers a simple, data sovereign and cost effective way to manage their IT,” says Kawale. “This will ultimately free up time and resources so they can focus on their business.”

The Cloud comes as a result of a partnership with OVH, a European cloud and internet infrastructure company.

The benefits

  • Data is securely stored in Canada
  • Storage and compute options are customizable
  • Data is cyber-secured and managed 24 x 7
  • Green IT offers lower computing and storage costs for customers

Rogers already operates 17 data centres across Canada. By adding the new Cloud solution to Tier III certified data centres in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa, Rogers believes Canadian businesses will benefit from increased reliability, uptime and geolocation options.

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