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Rogers Social Media Security tool promises to thwart bogus Facebook, Twitter accounts

Rogers Social Media Security tool promises to thwart bogus Facebook, Twitter accounts 

Toronto-based Rogers Communications has partnered with ZeroFOX, an American cybersecurity firm, to develop Social Media Security – a cloud-based solution that will provide businesses with 24/7 monitoring of corporate social media accounts. The tool will also send out real-time alerts and “expedite takedowns” of bogus social media accounts spewing damaging posts, according to Rogers.

“A cyberattack on a social media profile has the potential to cost a business millions of dollars, or worse, lasting reputational damage,” said Nitin Kawale, president of Rogers’ enterprise business unit.

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He said Social Media Security is the latest in a portfolio of solutions and services aimed at protecting business and customer data that Rogers plans to develop this year.

Social Media Security includes a set of tools that safeguard a business’ social media profiles. These tools include: 

  • Always-on insights: Provides businesses access to data and insights around the clock that will identify malicious posts, profiles, content and false accounts. A team of dedicated security risk analysts monitors businesses profiles to provide this data.
  • Real-time alerts: Sends customers real-time alerts from a dedicated monitoring team so they can take fast action against security threats including customer scams, piracy, account take-overs, and impersonations.
  • Expedited takedowns: Through direct relationships with major social networks, content can be taken down in as quickly as a matter of hours, whereas it could take days or weeks for a customer to resolve a cyberattack on their own.

At least one major social media company expressed support for Rogers’ product.

“Twitter is where people turn to find out what’s happening in the world and businesses are now leveraging our platform to connect with their customers in unique, real-time ways,” said Rory Capern, managing director of Twitter Canada. “To make sure that Twitter keeps its live, dynamic and connected experience, we have prioritized safety. Introducing the Trust and Safety Council was a big step, but part of making sure that users and businesses feel safe comes down to protecting against cyber threats. It’s good to see Rogers introduce a solution that will allow Canadian businesses to engage securely on their social platforms.”

According to Rogers:

  • As early as 2011, 48 per cent of large companies experienced 25+ social engineering attacks, citing a loss of $100,000 per incident
  • 33 per cent of Canadian businesses have had to mitigate an issue on their corporate social channels
  • However, 37 per cent of businesses do not believe cyberattacks are a threat to their social media channels

“Social media is without a doubt, a core business application – and securing the business, customer and employee engagement across social media platforms is now a priority for security teams and business owners everywhere,” said James C. Foster, CEO of ZeroFOX. “The problem ZeroFOX and Rogers is solving is part of an evolving security challenge that modern businesses face and one that is costing companies over $1.2 billion globally.”

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