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Rogers expands Unison UCC offering beyond small business

Rogers expands Unison UCC offering beyond small business 

Earlier this week, the company announced that businesses of all sizes across Canada can now avail of Rogers Unison. The company describes Unison as a “fully-managed, truly mobile communications systems.”

It’s being positioned as an alternative to the traditional business desk phone. The system provides businesses with the features of a traditional landline office phone system with the added ability to receive, send, and forward calls to employees’ mobile phones, laptops, mobile devices, and desk phones. The solution was launched and offered to small business this July.

“Small business customers across the country have gone mobile with Rogers Unison and we’re thrilled to now bring the next evolution of this breakthrough product to all our business customers,” said Nitin Kawale, president, enterprise business unit, at Rogers Communications. “Our medium and large business customers want a solution that offers the right device for the right employee, and Rogers Unison delivers on this need by offering a solution that connects a workforce, whether employees are in the office or working remote.”

He said key features and benefits of the solution include:

  • Significant cost savings- Businesses reduce significant costs by cutting the cord on unused desk phones, and adopting a predictable, as-a-service payment model with no maintenance costs, all while keeping the phone number
  • Ability to work seamlessly across devices- Rogers Unison enables users to make and receive calls on any device and move calls easily from one device to the next, all while paying for only one line
  • Simplified communications- The system works with existing devices – no mobile app or software is required. Companies can also use four or five-digit extension calling from any device just like you would on your desk phone
  • Frontline staff save time- Office receptionists can now see if a user is on a call or not no matter what device they are on, and seamlessly transfer calls even on to mobile

Mobile UCC systems are ideal for businesses that employ staff that are frequently on the road or operate in various locations.

For example, recent Unison user Endeavour Design Inc., a snowboard, and sportswear maker based in Vancouver, B.C., found the system’s virtual receptionist feature very ideal for its operations.

The company operates as a small team of six people managing Endeavour’s global and North American business, according to Max Jenken, Endeavour CEO. Most of the time, they are on the road seeing our customers, visiting factories, and testing our products at the top of mountains.

“Being mobile is essential and having a traditional phone system in the office isn’t an option,” Jenke said. “With Rogers Unison, we’re able to utilize a virtual receptionist to direct calls to our employees’ cell phones directly – that means we will actually pick up the phone, whether we are in the office, at a factory in Asia, or on a mountain peak in Europe.” 

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