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RiseSmart introduces Compass

RiseSmart introduces Compass 

Compass combines a video-based coaching platform with an actionable career roadmap, enabling workers to identify where they are in their careers, to set goals, and to work toward those goals by establishing and achieving specific milestones. Employees can also take advantage of Spot Advice — practical training on dealing with difficult workplace issues such as not getting along with a boss or coworker, feeling stressed, underperforming, or being fearful of losing your job. 

The solution from RiseSmart also includes a number of other helpful features. Career Roadmap aids workers in planning and tracking their goals, setting milestones, and establishing action items for ongoing career development and collaboration with others within the organization. Internal Mobility allows employees to find and apply for short- and long-term opportunities within their organization that can further their career development and positively impact retention for the corporation. Networking and Community fosters closer bonds within the organization by assisting workers with growing their internal networks through a mentor-matching platform, community forum and internal contact-management tools. Company Groove lets employees see how their colleagues are feeling about their jobs or company in real time, through a feed that highlights current satisfaction levels. HR Analytics is designed to improve workplace planning efforts with an organizational view of employee skills and job/gig activity, helping to ensure that employees and departments are on the right track to meet their goals.

RiseSmart hopes that Compass benefits companies by increasing employee engagement, enhancing performance, raising retention rates, allowing for better workforce planning and smarter redeployment. 

“We now live in a social hyper-connected world where the workforce is more engaged with their outside networks than their coworkers.  In this new world, dissatisfaction with one’s career can easily be solved by reaching out to one’s network or simply acting on ongoing job matches. Virtually everyone is job hunting all the time,” says Rob Garcia, vice president of product for RiseSmart. “RiseSmart Compass enables organizations to fight back and truly empower their employees to discover and act on their career aspirations, ultimately putting employees in control of their own careers.”

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