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RHUB Communications releases TurboMeeting 5.1

RHUB Communications releases TurboMeeting 5.1 

TurboMeeting 5.1 includes many significant modifications, including improved headset-free VoIP conferencing, apps for iPhone and iPad to boost mobile conference access, streaming computer audio and integrated paid audio conferencing capabilities.

“These new benefits of TurboMeeting are far-reaching, providing a multi-functional capability that allows enterprise workgroups to quickly host internal meetings with co-workers, both locally and globally,” Larry Dorie, CEO of RHUB Communications said in a press release. “Now with all of the new 5.1 features, we are giving users a richer virtual experience that will further enhance their productivity and work performance, and that will help enterprises to yield more output in a very cost effective way.”

In addition to its remote conferencing abilities, TurboMeeting 5.1 features an on-premise option that enables work groups to hold internal meetings over a secure connection. It also allows the sales force to conduct presentations with clients and business leaders to hold educational webinars and online training sessions. 

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