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Reverb Networks introduces self-optimizing network – P-SON

Reverb Networks introduces self-optimizing network – P-SON 

“Old fashioned SON systems are reactive, relying on a very slow and delayed data processing chain,” said Zoran Kehler, CEO of Reverb Networks, in a press release. “With Reverb’s unique new predictive SON functionality we will be able to apply changes to the network to make the situation better before any degradation has even been detected. It’s absolutely ground-breaking functionality, and indicates the future direction we believe self-optimizing networks will be taking in the coming years.”

SON systems have thus far been able to adapt after an event has occurred, which means that network changes are made after the need for change, creating a negative impact. Predictive SON (P-SON) enables carriers to make network changes in advance so that mobile networks can respond to applied loads.

Reverb says this predictive functionality enables vendors to prioritize their networks, shifting capacity and coverage to zones before effects like dropped calls or reduced data speeds can impact subscribers, which gives them a competitive edge.

“Reverb Networks holds some of the original patents for self-optimizing networks, and we’re extremely proud to have yet another ground-breaking first in our intellectual property portfolio,” added Kehler. “Reverb is moving rapidly ahead due to significant investment in R&D, and customers are gaining understanding of the huge cost delta between a fully automatic, pure-play software SON system and a SON solution that is completely dependent on a large services project.”

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