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Reverb and Tulinx partner for network optimization

Reverb and Tulinx partner for network optimization 

This partnership will supply and support service optimization solutions for mobile operators.

“The partnership between Tulinx and Reverb for SON is an excellent solution for operators who would like to incorporate Self-Optimization in their current network operations. Tulinx can really add values to our intelligent SON solutions,” said Reverb Networks CEO Zoran Kehler, in a press release. “Our strategy has been to partner with companies offering very high quality automatic optimization expertise, in order to ensure they can assist customers as they transition into SON, and Tulinx is an excellent example of a network optimization specialist.”

Reverb has focused on software-based SON systems which improve network capacity.

The company says it covers close to 3.5 million subscribers in North America.

“Optimization skills and automation technologies are converging rapidly, and we are delighted to be able to partner with the pioneer in the SON sector as our customers move towards self-optimizing networks,” explained Arjen van Trigt, Managing Partner of Tulinx, in a press release. “It’s important to have a fully-featured, high reliability, fully-automatic Self-Optimizing Network solution, and Reverb also offers some unique, highly advanced features – like the beyond real-time capability of Predictive SON and the orchestration functions of SON Director – which really set the system apart. The combined solution Reverb and Tulinx can offer is really unique.”

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