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RETAILvantage: The enhanced retail management software

RETAILvantage: The enhanced retail management software 

HighJump says it has added 50 enhancements and features to the system plus reporting functionality, e-commerce integration with and MicroD.

E-receipts: This capability provides the seller the option of sending receipts and/or copy of the sale to a customer using Microsoft Outlook when a sale happens. When a sale occurs, the customers’ signatures can be captured digitally. Information on each salesperson’s transactions can be tracked with the timestamp feature and is viewable throughout the system.

The MicroD-powered website automatically adds a customer’s selection into the system, so a manual keying of a sale in is not necessary. And, a set of items can be offered as a package through shopping cart integration with which then can be imported into RETAILvantage through an online order.

“We’re working more closely than ever before with retailers to understand their needs as the market becomes increasingly competitive and customer expectations for a faster and more engaging shopping experience continue to grow,” said EVP and Chief Strategy Officer, Ross Elliott, in a press release. “This latest version of our Retail Management Software contains incremental enhancements that aim to help home furnishings retailers provide a better customer experience and gain faster access to increasingly more accurate business intelligence. In addition, this release contains many customer-requested features such as the ability to print sales forms on plain paper, further options when filtering customer follow-up reports based on purchase history, and annualized GMROI for each item on the Best/Worst sellers report.”

New and current clients can take advantage of these features.

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