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QuestBack releases Enterprise Feedback Suite v10

QuestBack releases Enterprise Feedback Suite v10 

The tenth version of the software operates on mobile-first architecture, meaning that it optimizes online surveys for touch functionality offered by mobile devices. Surveys automatically adjust to fit screen sizes for any mobile device. Users can also generate surveys with images, which raise response rates and improve data quality. They can also develop surveys that can be deployed quickly. 

QuestBack’s Enterprise Feedback Suite 10 helps businesses leverage their existing investments, as it integrates with CRM, ERP and HRM systems. It also offers new question methodologies, survey and layout editors and an updated media library. 

“Our customers thrive on gathering real-time feedback from their employees and customers.  The new QuestBack platform is the most powerful, and accurate way to accomplish this,” said Oliver Trabert, Chief Technology Officer for QuestBack. “QuestBack’s Enterprise Feedback Suite 10 provides the ability for managers to create, collect and easily manage multiple feedback channels, delivering valuable insights for key decision making.”{mospagebreak}Analysts note that feedback software is an excellent way to gauge customer and employee sentiment. “VoC initiatives require the ability to capture, store, analyze and act upon a vast array of customer feedback data ranging from a tweet to a survey to a call recording,” according to Jim Davies and Bill O’Kane, Research Directors at Gartner Inc. “When organizations have the ability to both listen and act holistically, that is, across the entire organization, profound improvements can be made to the customer experience and customer goals such as satisfaction, retention and revenue growth.”

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