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Queen’s University implements a cleaning program management system with multiple IoT sensor-enabled data collection

Queen’s University implements a cleaning program management system with multiple IoT sensor-enabled data collection 

Bunzl Canada announced a recent upgrade to its cleaning management software with Tork® smart dispenser data. This technology was recently implemented at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

The wandaNEXT™ solution puts together a very comprehensive digital cleaning program management system which includes traffic monitoring, cleaning scheduling, task management, and compliance reporting. It also features a real-time data dispenser which is being powered by Tork®. By providing real-time data, cleaning teams are able to work smarter as immediate needs are being readily met and dispensing units are being refilled proactively allowing for improved hygiene and waste management.

Queen’s University has a very positive endorsement on the pilot installation of this technology. “We have always looked for opportunities to innovate to continually improve and enhance the cleanliness of our facilities,” said Barbara Wowk, Manager, Facilities, Housing and Ancillary Services at Queen’s University’s Residence Facilities Team. “We’re excited to work with Bunzl on this pilot installation to help us improve efficiency and enable our custodial team to devote additional time and attention to enhanced cleaning and hygiene protocols that are so critical to the health and safety of our students and faculty.”

wandaNEXT™, developed by Visionstate IoT and now in partnership with Bunzl, is a cleaning program management system which makes use of multiple IoT sensor-enabled data collection features. This also includes a mobile application which guides cleaning teams with customized cleaning procedures. Finally, it has an audit function and real-time reporting which gives the Facilities Management team of Queen’s University constant visibility so they can easily schedule adjustments, assign tasks, address training needs, request supply orders, and easily address service requirements.

“It’s a privilege to work in partnership with the Queen’s Facilities Team,” said Brock Tully, Vice President, Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene. “They are committed to helping create a truly exceptional education experience, and wandaNEXT™ is an industry-leading innovation to help them do that. By using data from Tork®, one of the most trusted product brands with state-of-the-art smart dispensing, and a variety of other data collection points, the system tracks, verifies and validates cleaning quality and efficiency against specific cleaning protocols. That gives our customers the confidence that their facilities are healthy and safe – with proven results.”

wandaNEXT™ continues to grow its installation base which includes industries in healthcare, retail, commercial office, conference, airport and distribution across the United States and Canada. The brand has also launched in the United Kingdom and Australia and was recently introduced in the healthcare space in Belgium.  

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