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Pushing the collaboration and engagement envelope

Pushing the collaboration and engagement envelope 

In the workplaces of today, we use Skype for face-to-face meetings with remote clients and colleagues, converse about projects with remote team mates via Slack, GoToMeeting or some other collaboration tools, and send emails to our cubicle neighbour.

However, not all companies are delivering what their employees are demanding in terms of technology adoption, according to Matthew Leppanen.

In this digital issue of ITinCanada, Leppanen, who leads product management for unified communications and collaboration solutions at Rogers, explains that there is a correlation between employee engagement and employee productivity.

In his piece YOUR EMPLOYEES MAY BE IN THE OFFICE, BUT DO THEY FEEL ENGAGED? He talks about the three pillars can help businesses drive higher employee engagement levels.

While we’re on the topic of workplaces, check out Rob Lunney’s article THE KEY INGREDIENTS TO MAINTAINING A SAFE AND SECURE REMOTE WORKFORCE. In this article, Lunney, who is the country manager for Canada of Palo Alto Networks, assess the current workplace cyber threat landscape. Then he provides some fundamental strategies for securing the enterprise network.

Also in this issue, we take a look at how data analytics can help solve some of the problems plaguing Indigenous communities. Our story INDIGENOUS GROUPS USE DATA TO SAVE LIVES covers a new initiative by analytics software maker SAS, BlackBerry, and Forest Green which involves providing Indigenous leaders with analytics tools that can aim in determining the appropriate strategies for preventing violence and improving health outcomes in native communities.

Those were just a sneak peek of the awesome lineup we’ve got for you in this issue. Flip through the pages of our digital edition to find more engaging articles like our article on digital payments and the options aimed at helping entrepreneurs to thrive; strategies to limit corporate credit card abuse; the latest trends in intelligence document capture; and the five things online retailers need to do now to keep the cash register ringing on Black Friday.

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