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Proofpoint launches winter release of Targeted Attack Protection

Proofpoint launches winter release of Targeted Attack Protection 

The product, which had been in a beta testing phase for several months, produced “results [that] have been very compelling,” according to David Knight, EVP and GM, Information Security Products Group, Proofpoint.

The release comes at a time when businesses need it most. Proofpoint cites a study conducted by Ponemon Institute in 2013, which found that an overwhelming 76 per cent of respondents struggled to effectively protect their organizations against advanced malware over the course of the past year.

Targeted Attack Protection is intended to help IT security professionals combat these security threats. It comes with new, big data-based predictive defense capabilities, an Attachment Defense module, and a real-time threat dashboard that provides a 24/7 view into cyber attacks.

Its threat analysis capabilities mean that security professionals can identify, contain, and block URL-linked threats and email attachments before the end user has the opportunity to open them.

“We are seeing on-going long-lining campaigns targeting our customers delivering advanced malware either via exploit kits such as Nuclear and Magnitude or as malicious attachments,” said Knight. “With Predictive Defense, we are able to effectively identify and block these attacks before users are compromised – even when payload transmissions are encrypted – not after. With these campaigns averaging a 14 per cent end-user click-through rate, this represents a major benefit for our customers.”

Proofpoint projects that, by using this product, its customers will see a significant reduction in compromised security, incident response time, and operating costs.

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