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Printing perfection

Printing perfection 

While problems like these can create widespread havoc, they are ultimately not impossible to solve. At a recent event held in New York City, HP showcased some of their new business-focused printers and solutions.

“As companies are reinventing (themselves), we are reinventing the printer in a dramatic way,” said Pradeep Jotwani, senior vice president and general manager of LaserJet and Enterprise Solutions for HP’s Printing and Personal Systems division.

In their attempt to reimagine the standard workplace printer, HP released a trio of new printers, which were showcased at the event. They include the Colour LaserJet Pro M252, the Colour LaserJet MFP M277 and the Colour LaserJet Enterprise M552 and M553 Series.

The new devices, said Jotwani, are not only designed to be faster and more reliable than their predecessors, but are also smaller in size and can provide businesses with cost savings over time.

“We are making them leaner, smarter and faster. It is because of these changes that you can now get 33 per cent more pages from a printer that you used to be able to,” he said. “It is because of that that you can get (those pages) 40 per cent faster.”

Not only have the printers themselves been redesigned, but so have the toner cartridges inside. As toner can sometimes be the root of printer-related problems, HP’s new ColourSphere 3 toner combines with the cartridges to print more pages without any interruptions.

Additionally, the retooled toner allows business to get more for their money by printing more pages per cartridge, thus reducing the amount of wear and tear on each toner unit.

Security is another key aspect of the new releases. With hackers becoming increasingly creative with their entry methods, several have managed to gain access to sensitive corporate data through printers and other such devices. As Jotwani explains, stepping up security will help prevent enterprises from falling victim to breaches.

“You have to make sure that these printers are secure in all the ways within the network. Security is probably the biggest challenge for businesses today. You have to protect your data and the customers’ data, and this is an important thing because it could be life-or-death for your company,” he said.

“From a printing perspective, we worry about protection and security on the device, the network these devices are connected to, encryption of the data this device prints, as well as the security of the data of the actual page after it is printed,” Jotwani continued. “We do what only an IT company would usually do and take advantage of cloud-based computing in many ways to ensure we build security into these printers.”

Sustainable development is another focus of the enterprise world these days. Businesses of all sizes are engaging in various practices to reduce waste and energy usage, promote recycling and ensure that their carbon footprint is kept to a minimum. Realizing this, HP crafted their printers and components to be as environmentally-friendly as possible.

“Not only does the toner cartridge (require) less energy, we have also designed the rest of the printer in a way that it wakes up faster so it takes advantage of the low energy usage,” Jotwani said.

“It’s as much as 53 per cent less energy than their predecessors. That’s an important part of how much (money) is spent on printers because they stay on almost all the time.”

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