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Preact automates workflows to boost SaaS revenue

Preact automates workflows to boost SaaS revenue 

Preact claims it is the only self-service solution that tracks real-time product usage data to help user teams spot “unhealthy” trends and respond so as to maximize retention and revenue. The company says it can help users adapt to business and product changes in real time using always-on data science by way of helping teams better understand which activities drive customer success and which don’t.

“Preact was built on the principle that every user and every account is unique, and there is no single definition of health that applies to every customer,” said Preact CEO Michael Geller, in a press release. “Preact’s always-on data science rapidly detects the exact moment a customer relationship begins to head south. We’ve now empowered Preact users to be proactive and take action faster to save those relationships by easily automating all the steps required to maximize their chance of success.”

New Preact features
New features include a 360-degree customer visibility and time-precise steps-defined automated workflows that user teams should take to maximize healthy behavior and mitigate otherwise, as well as support tickets. Product usage analytics help spot problem areas to guide feature development, adjust procedures, and maximize user adoption. An optimized view of customer health by account manager lets users can best understand the performance of individual team members.

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