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Polatis releases single-sided all-optical switch

Polatis releases single-sided all-optical switch 

Polatis’ new 192-fibre single-mode optical switch provides non-blocking SND-enabled connectivity for any pair of fibre ports, doing so with approximately 1dB of total data loss. The fully-configurable switch is a departure from the traditional double-sided switch, as it presents fibre ports which are uncommitted to specific input or output groups.

The switch also enables users to make non-blocking connections between any of the 192 fibres, and can used for any kind of symmetric (NxN) or asymmetric (NxM) connections.

“The combination of software control and any-to-any port connectivity brings a new level of flexibility and choice to our customers for optimizing their fibre assets,” Polatis CEO Gerald Wesel said in a press release. “The 192xCC reconfigurable optical switch provides full fibre connectivity without affecting system budgets, opening up new possibilities in data centre and telecom networks for optical layer provisioning, protection, monitoring and test.”

The 192xCC adds to the 6000-series optical switches which feature Polatis’ DirectLight dark fibre optical switch technology. DirectLight allows the switch the make transparent connections with other devices. These connections feature reduced loss and no back reflection independent of the colour, direction, power level or traffic protocol on the fibre.


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