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Pokemon Go, go, go

Pokemon Go, go, go 

According to a poll commissioned by Manulife, 53 per cent of millennial players use a fitness tracker/step counter, and 69 per cent report an increase in the number of steps they take a day.

“Pokémon GO is showing us that millennials will become more active … even if physical activity was not their intention,” saidMarianne Harrison, President and Chief Executive Officer, Manulife Canada. “The Pokémon GO phenomenon shows that rewards and prizes provide an incentive that gets millennials active and they have fun at the same time.”

Players can hatch their virtual eggs by traveling various distances – either 2km, 5km or 10km. The catch? They must be travelling under 20 miles an hour.

That rules out long distance road trips and leaves walking, running or cycling as the best options – though the latter could be dangerous.31 per cent of players say they have used the app while driving or cycling, with 12 per cent reporting some type of injury while playing.

“Players do need to ensure they play the game responsibly,” added Harrison.  “They are not only putting themselves at risk but others who may or may not be playing the game as well.”

So, before admonishing Pokemon Go as a whole, perhaps it’s worthwhile to consider that the problem doesn’t necessarily lie in the app itself. Rather, as with any game, problems stem from irresponsible habits and user negligence.

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