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Pilot programs take flight

Pilot programs take flight 

Ivrnet, located in Calgary, has announced the release of revitalized AdCentral, Safepay and Ivrnet Central services. Pilot programs successfully behind them, these platforms are finally ready for the public.

It’s been a long time coming for the company. Following the release of Canada’s Antispam Legislation, Ivrnet was forced to move AdCentral onto the backburner for 18 months. The SMS based advertising and sponsorship platform is now ready to launch, with is now ready to launch, with three major Municipal Transit Authorities already signed as customers.

Safepay, Ivrnet’s second key platform, may ring unfamiliar to the company’s followers. Previously known as TIPS (short for Telephone Integrated Payment system), Safepay is bringing forward new features to organizations looking to complete transactions over the internet or phone. Now, users no longer have to disclose their card number to live agents, allowing them to be secure and keep card rates lows. Equipped with partnership agreements from Merhcant Service Providers (MSPs), Ivrnet is hoping to appeal to other governments beyond Alberta.

Finally, Ivrnet is consolidating all of its member and user management tools into one system, aptly named Ivrnet Central. The new program will replace the previous ITSportsNet and Community Central platforms.

Further updates about the new product lines are expected to be released in late 2015 or early 2016.

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