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Personal cloud storage at home

Personal cloud storage at home 

Cloud storage is a way to expand storage without the need to carry a physical hard drive around or even cluttering your workspace. But this service has a grave concern – security. How private and secure are my docs, files, pics, videos on a cloud server that is housed somewhere I don’t even know?

I was thinking, won’t it be great to have my own personal cloud storage service at home. That thought prompted me to look around for such a service.

My search led me to Lima, “the cloud that respects your privacy.”

To replace your current cloud storage service and create your own personal cloud at home all you need is a Lima device and a physical hard drive.

Setup is really easy, connect the Lima device which sells for $129 US to your WiFi router then plug your hard drive into the Lima device. The Lima drive will then appear on all your devices. That’s it. You now have your little server for personal cloud storage.


Hardware Setup

Prior to doing the setup, you would need to download the Lima app to your computer and create an account. After the setup is completed then the app will find the Lima device and hard drive automatically.

Next, you can download the mobile app from the App store or Google Play for your smartphone to enhance your personal cloud service. This works just like the cloud service from the tech giants where you can access your files at any time on any device once you have a data plan or WiFi connection.


This service is cheaper in the long term than buying cloud storage service from another source. For a total cost of about $200 to $250 which includes the $129 for the Lima device and the cost to buy a hard drive, you can have your own cloud storage service at home.

This works out cheaper than using Google Drive or Microsoft’s OneDrive. Depending on the space, you can pay between $20 to $100 per year to get up to a terabyte of space on Google Drive. The cost of using Google Drive for a terabyte of storage over 5 years would cost about $500, whereas the Lima and a one terabyte hard drive would cost you less than half. OneDrive is the same as well, to get a terabyte of free storage, you need a yearly subscription to Office 365 which costs between $65-$99.

The other reason why this is a great alternative to consider is that this solution is faster than the other cloud services. And the most valuable reason is that you can literally store all your data right at home, and not in a server in some unknown location. So, your security and privacy are intact.

If you are interested in getting the Lima Ultra for $129, you have to join a waiting list since all the devices have been sold out.

 Source: Business Insider 

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