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PerfectMind, healthy result

PerfectMind, healthy result 

Since it was founded 15 years ago, PerfectMind had made great strides to develop software for use across several key verticals, which include parks and recreation, education, services, and most notably, healthcare. The products created by PerfectMind are designed to manage growth and development of enterprises within these markets, in addition to helping them maintain close relations with their clientele.

The beginnings

“PerfectMind was founded out of a business need,” explains Farid Dordar, founder and CEO of PerfectMind, and a former World Kickboxing Champion. “I am an entrepreneur myself, and in 2000, I started a company called Champions Way, which was later renamed PerfectMind.”

Dordar didn’t start developing software for enterprises at the outset. In fact, as Champions Way, the company had an entirely different focus. But as the business began to expand, Dordar realized that he needed something to help manage the growth.

“I was basically running a gym, a combination of a martial arts (facility) and a fitness gym,” he says. “I had one of the largest (facilities) in Canada, and there was no software out there that could help with membership-type businesses to run their business.”

Thus, PerfectMind was born. Dordar developed a software platform that would “help member-based organizations create deeper relationships and create customer engagement, which would result in revenue growth, profit and improve overall business performance,” Dordar says.

Building software and a customer base

It took some time for Dordar to craft and perfect the software that would eventually become PerfectMind, but once he did, the release of the product into the mass market produced positive results. Customers began to come out of the woodwork and sign on with PerfectMind, as it could adapted to align with each customer’s individual needs.

“For our first year in business, we got about 60 clients across North America, and we knew we had something solid in our hands,” Dordar recalls. “One of the reasons behind the success of the software was (the fact that) I was running the business, and I knew everything about it. Being able to build features specific to (each) business’ need was very helpful.”

There is a common phrase in the corporate world that stated that businesses have multiple moving parts. With so much going on at any given time, the management of certain processes can create major headaches for IT, HR and senior management. PerfectMind seeks to solve that problem with its software, which allows for multiple workloads to be managed simultaneously.

“Businesses, in general, are used to using multiple (forms of) software to do their bidding, payment processing, accounting, task management, and run their points of sale,” says Dordar. “What we’ve done with PerfectMind is (provide) all the software that you need within one platform.”

Membership-reliant businesses can benefit from using PerfectMind, Dordar adds, as it enables them to keep track of new and existing memberships, manage employee payroll, and even create customer promotions and marketing material.

A new partnership

Recently, PerfectMind landed a high-profile customer in Sanford Health, a U.S.-based healthcare provider. The company was selected to run Profile by Sanford, a new weight loss management program that helps people take a more proactive approach to personal weight management. The deal will see Sanford Health integrate PerfectMind’s software into the 25 existing Profile locations, and into the 300 additional locations that will open within the next five years.

“We need software that meets all the needs of our business model today, is easy to implement and maintain, and supports our growth,” says Russell Knoeppel, IT director for Profile.

“PerfectMind’s software was the best fit for us because it is geared specifically for businesses that service members. And the fact that its software platform also provides marketing automation, online booking, payment processing, point of sale, e-commerce, inventory, and customer relationship management, was icing on the cake.”

Normally, the addition of new software would lead to the older software being phased out. That, however, is not the case with PerfectMind. As Dordar explains, when installed, PerfectMind works alongside any existing platforms.

“Being a platform-as-a-service (software), PefectMind gives you a lot of flexibility to work with the software you currently have within your organization,” he says.

“One of the reasons (Sanford) chose us is because we could integrate our APIs into their applications. (Additionally), we have all the modules they needed to run their business successfully.”

Looking ahead

What started out as a single-person operation serving only a handful of customers has evolved into a company with 100 full-time employees in three international locations.

Since its inception, PerfectMind’s software has made waves within various industries. In the long term, Dordar says the company will focus on establishing themselves as market leaders over the next few years.

“Our plan is to become the number one software (provider) for the health and wellness and parks and recreation industries,” he says. “We’re well on our way towards that goal.”

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