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Peak Positioning Technologies eyes Chinese fintech space

Peak Positioning Technologies eyes Chinese fintech space 

A Quebec-based IT portfolio management firm, working through its Asian subsidiary, has deployed a financial technology lending platform in China.

Peak Positioning Technologies Inc., which is headquartered in Montreal, announced earlier this week that its subsidiary, Asia Synergy Data Solutions (ASDS) has launched the Cubeler fintech commercial lending platform in China.

ASDS has applied for the necessary Internet Content Provider (ICP) license before the platform can be made available publicly. The ICP license is issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and must be obtained by all Chinese-based websites before they can operate in China.

Peak Positioning markets itself as a “bridge that allows North American investors to participate in China’s technology revolution.”

The company primarily develops and develops fintech platforms that digitize, automate, and provide supply chain management capability to China’s industrial business sectors.

Cubeler matches any business looking for credit with a variety of lenders. Cubeler periodically reads financial data coming from the registered businesses’ accounting software, analyzes several data points and calculates a series of financial ratios to determine how well the business is performing.

Those data points and ratios are then compared to Cubeler’s registered lenders’ lending criteria and the resulting matches are shown to the lenders and the businesses, “much like the way a dating website would show its members their compatible matches,” according to Peak Positioning.

ASDS expects the first transactions to be conducted on Cubeler shortly after it has received its ICP license.

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