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PC shipments grow globally after a 2-year struggle, says Gartner

PC shipments grow globally after a 2-year struggle, says Gartner 

The Europe, Middle East and Africa PC markets reached 22.5 million units shipped in the same period. This is an 8.6 percent growth. The Asia/Pacific market totaled 24.6 million units shipped, but this is a 9.5 percent deterioration.

“While the worldwide PC market stopped two years of declining shipments in the second quarter, there were mixed results, as stabilization in developed markets was offset by a decline in emerging markets,” explained Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner, in a press release. “The PC industry in emerging markets has been impacted by the allure of low-cost tablets. These low-cost tablets continue to take spending from new PC units, meaning that it will take more time for PC sales to stabilize in emerging markets.”

Lenovo’s global market share rose to 19.2 percent and its global shipment improved, except in the Asia/Pacific region. This is followed by HP with 17.7 percent, Dell with 13.3 percent and the Acer group and ASUS with 7.9 percent and 6.9 percent respectively. In the U.S. market, four of the top five PC vendors grew by double digits, HP being at the top with 27.7 percent.

HP earned its fastest shipment increase since 2010 after putting in ample effort to revitalize its PC market, defending its top spot in the region.

For Dell, global PC shipments grew for the second successive quarter in double digits, thanks to a healthy market for PC demand. Dell also did well in the Asia/Pacific region. The company’s shipments grew in all geographic regions, except for South America.

“The consumer PC market also started picking up in the U.S. The availability of affordable, thin and light notebooks have drawn consumers’ attention,” Ms. Kitagawa added. “Touch enable devices are also widely available with decreasing price premiums compared to a year ago. The price premium is low enough for mainstream consumers to spend the extra money for the additional functionalities, such as touch.”

The refreshed Windows XP improved sales, while the sunnier economic outlook in Western Europe also boosted shipments. Gartner analysts also believe that large companies are refreshing Windows XP in the largest numbers but SMBs also a play role for the overall market improvement.

Although the Gartner results are preliminary, final results will soon be available globally.

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