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Pantheon introduces new cloud platform

Pantheon introduces new cloud platform 

“Corporate websites are often derailed due to resource bottlenecks,” said Zack Rosen, CEO and co-founder of Pantheon. “IT managers get overwhelmed with requirements from multiple business units, and marketers get frustrated when their website launches are delayed. Pantheon One offers relief, addressing the needs of both CMOs and CIOs with a single platform.”

Pantheon One lets developers, designers and marketing managers work in tandem on one platform, which Pantheon says will allow websites to launch faster and cut long-term management costs. The cloud platform is set up so that all company developers will automatically follow a standardized best-practice workflow from the dashboard. It also reduces the need for servers and system administration, allowing marketing and IT teams to quickly launch and scale a large number of websites.

Pantheon is the single largest Drupal infrastructure worldwide. Based on multi-tenant architecture, its platform offers smooth scaling in software and helps reduce the costs of traditional web hosting and development infrastructure.

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