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Palo Alto springs Traps endpoint protection on ransomware

Palo Alto springs Traps endpoint protection on ransomware 

Despite increased investment in endpoint security, cyber adversaries continue to compromise endpoints at a rate that outpaces organizational investments. Legacy and next-generation anti-virus (AV ) point products have made attempts to close this gap, “but they have merely replaced one ineffective malware detection,” according to Palo Alto.

The enhancements announced found in Traps version 4.0 address these challenges, with the addition of several new prevention modules designed to detect and stop ransomware and other advanced threats, the company said.

Key new advancements introduced include:

·         Support for macOS and Android (beta)

·         Protection from malicious macros

·         Prevention of script-based attacks

·         Exploit kit fingerprint protection

·         Kernel privilege escalation protection

“The advancements announced today extend protections to macOS and Android, while adding to the attack techniques that can be prevented, to include macro- and script-based attacks, fingerprinting techniques, and kernel privilege escalation,” said Lee Klaricj, executive vice president of product management for Palo Alto. “These protections harness and add to the power of our platform to prevent advanced and never-before-seen threats from infiltrating the enterprise, at any point, and render them ineffective.”

Traps is able to:

Prevent cyber breaches –Preemptively block known and unknown malware, exploits and zero-day threats using a unique multi-method prevention approach

Automate prevention –Automatically reprogram endpoints to block known and unknown threats – without human intervention – using threat intelligence gained from our global community of customers and partners.

Protect and enable users – Protect users from inadvertently compromising their systems without burdensome virus scans.

When implemented in conjunction with other elements of the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform, customers can now correlate endpoint and network security events and threat intelligence information via Panorama network security management to mitigate the risk of cyber breaches across endpoints, firewalls, cloud and software-as-a-service applications.

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